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Péter Boldog, magician

20 years of

I was a kid when I begun magic, my first 'professional' magic show was 17 years ago.

I worked for several companies (Ford, Telenor) to promote their products, where I had the opportunity to grow and gain experience.

500+ satisfied

I regularly give shows on corporate and private events, festivals.

I had several magic shows in hotels and restaurants. I came up with my first one man show three years ago. Since then I have presented it in several theatres in Hungary.

10 times

Thank to my great masters I won the Hungarian magic competitions 8 times and European competitions 2 times.

I am most proud of my wonderful students, who performed superbly on competitions.

Magic teacher
of the year

I consider it very important to pass my knowlege to future generations. Therefore for six years I have been teaching magic.

In 2014 I was nominated for the Best Magic Teacher by the greatest Hungarian magic club.

Satisfied clients

My colleagues (...) said they have never seen such an unusual magic show with a wonderful humor like yours. They have not loughed so much in a while...

Krisztina Csákics
VGD Hungary Kft.

My colleagues are still talking about you, they really liked your show!
Thank you very much for giving us your time!

Ágnes Erdei
evosoft Hungary Kft.

On behalf of everyone I say thank you for beeing here. The audiance liked your show a lot.

Nóra Matisz
Völgységi Könyvfesztivál

Magic shows for special events

magic show

  • Leading show of the event
  • 10 - 45mins
  • 30 - 1000+ guests

Masters of ceremony

  • Connect the event with magic tricks
  • During the whole event
  • Gala dinners, bals

Close up magic

  • During dinner
  • 15mins - 3hours
  • Companies of 3-10

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Ha sürgős lenne, akkor kérlek, beszéljünk telefonon: +3670-367-13-87.